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Public space art in Lagos and beyond
Those crazy artist types often team up with the municipal public spaces department - grab some budget from somewhere and put up some strange, intriguing and certainly unique art that resides in the middle of a number of roundabouts throughout Lagos town's circulatory system. Our favourite is 'the chairs'. See what you think...
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The Swinging Ball - Lagos
The 'Swinging Ball' roundabout in Lagos, PortugalThe 'Swinging Ball' in Lagos, Portugal

This 'work of art' can be found on the road as you go towards Praia Dona Ana. The wind acts on the flap part and the ball swings back and forth according to the relative strengths of the wind and the weight of the ball (we think...) Anyway, it moves. In the wind. Sometimes.

The Chairs - 'Rotunda das Cadeiras' - Lagos
The 'Chairs' roundabout in Lagos, Portugal - Rotunda das Cadeiras  

At night these chairs light up! What the photo doesn't really show is the scale. The chairs are each about 10 foot high and the centre of the roundabout is lifted up in a dome shape. We'll try and get a shot to scale in the daytime to make it clear.

The Tulip - Lagos
The 'Tulip' roundabout in Lagos, Portugal  

This blinder is just down the road from the 'Swinging Ball'. It's quite nice really (the guy on the billboard behind seems to like it - Sim! means Yes! in Portuguese) although we originally called it the 'Aerobicising Crab'.

The Totem Pole - Lagos
The 'Totem Pole' roundabout in Lagos, Portugal  

We'll try and get a picture that will do proper justice to this stunning breakthrough in artistic composition soon. Mind you, don't hold your breath.

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