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Fortaleza de Sagres
The pictures shown below are by 'Lusitana' and 'Juntas' whose other work can be found in 'Wikipedia Commons'. The fortress was originally built in the 16th century and rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries. There is a small fee for entry (3 Euro at last visit).

The 'Wind Rose' (Rosa dos Ventos) is a large circle (140 feet in diameter - 40 metres) marked out with 48 radiating points in stone. Its purpose is still unclear. The old cannons on the site were used to protect the beaches of Tonel and Mareta. The 'Church of Our Lady of Favour' is perhaps the only remaining original building, the walls having been destroyed in various maritime battles.

The cliffs are high and sheer and the wind can really gust so be careful if you decide to wander around the edge of the promontary. Mind you, the danger doesn't seem to phaze the local fishermen who perch at strategic locations on the rocky ledges with long, long lines down to the crashing Atlantic waves below.

Lots of parking available and there are food and gift stalls lining the road up to the fort including, oddly enough, a van selling genuine German Bratwursts.

Pictures of Sagres Fort
Looking towards Sagres Fort from the road. Inside Sagres Fort

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